Your Users (Group accounts)

1. Managing your Users
2. Account Services Questions
3. Billing Questions

1.1. Adding a new account

To add a new account to your group, go to your Group Dashboard. The top row of buttons will allow you to add a new user. To do so, click on the button 'Add User':

On the following page, you'll be able to create the address of the account you would like to set up. The page is the same page for adding a new account. Enter the first part of the address you want to include. If you want to select a Pobox domain, such as or, you can click on the dropdown box that shows ''. If you have your own domain, you can click on the blue link 'use your own domain':

After selecting the domain for the new address, you'll be given an option to add the address to your address, or a new account. Click on the 'A New Account' button:

The final set of options will allow you to set up the specifics of the account. First, choose if you want to pay for the account, which means it would be in your billing group and show up when you have an invoice..  Second, choose the type of account you want to create, Mailstore, Plus, or Basic. Next, choose the forwarding address for the account.

Next, enter the First/Last name of the user, and the password for the account. Finally, choose if you want to be the admin for the account, and if your new account can create addresses at a custom domain you that is on your 'admin' account.

If you want to be administrator, leave that box selected. If you want to allow this account to use your custom domains, leave that box selected:

To finish, click on the green 'Create Account' button.

1.2. Removing an account

If there is an account in your group that should no longer be active, please go to your Group Dashboard.  You will see a table including all the accounts in your group.  To remove an account from your group, just click "Deactivate" in the column next to that account.

If the account should not be deactivated, but simply removed from your group, please let Customer Service know.  The user can simply take over billing responsibility for their own account.

1.3. Make the Group dashboard your Home page

If you'd prefer to start on the Group dashboard when you log in, instead of the Services page for your own account, you can set that at the very end of the dashboard page.  There, you'll see the text: "You are using the (services or dashboard) page as your home page."  If you'd like to switch to use the other one, just click the link that follows. 

From then on, you will be taken to the selected page when you log in.  If you'd like to return to that page at any time, from any other page on the site, just click the Pobox logo in the top left corner to return to your chosen home page.

2.1. How many accounts can I have in my group?

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can have in your group.  An automatic discount  of 20% will be applied as soon as your group includes 5 or more accounts.

2.2. How many domains can I have in my group?

You can add up to 100 domains yourself to the parent account of the group.  If you need more than 100 domains, please contact us to make arrangements.

2.3. What can group administrators do to accounts in their group?

Group administrators can change all the settings in their group's accounts. 

There are a few specific things they cannot do.

  • They cannot set a new password.  They can click "Reset Password", which will send a link to the account, asking them to provide a new password (without having to know the old one.)  But you cannot select a new password for an account, unless you know the old password.
  • They cannot access the Inbox or other folders of Mailstore accounts in their group.

3.1. How to set a billing contact

You can set a billing contact for your group in the Profile section.